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ResveraGEN™ 300C INTL ENTERIC (Resveratrol): Ultra-pure Pharmaceutical Grade 300mg (Resveratrol: CAS No. 501-36-0), 10-Month Supply, not extracted but synthesized, no additives


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Now provided with lipid polymer coated Enteric capsules (proprietary). Targeted delivery bypassing the stomach acid and absorbing in the small intestine for the highest bioavailability.

UltraHealth’s ResveraGEN™ - The only pure Resveratrol available anywhere.

  1. ResveraGEN™ is 99.8% pharmaceutical grade resveratrol with the highest bioavailability. UltraHealth synthesizes the pure organic compound (CAS No. 501-36-0) and uses a final two-step crystallization process to make ultra-pure resveratrol.
  2. Other companies sell bulk polygonum cuspidatum root or an extraction which contains only a small percentage of usable resveratrol. Extraction of resveratrol from P. cuspidatum (Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 3, Issue 4, August 2013, Pages 241-247, see section 3. Results and discussion) was 13.3%, and the content of resveratrol in the extract was 3.3%. All other companies have very little actual resveratrol in their product even though they might say 1000mg of P. cuspidatum root or extract it only has between 30-80mg of usable resveratrol.
  3. Not only is UltraHealth the only company providing the pure organic compound without unknown substances (bulk or extracted product), but we provide our current batch COA (certificate of analysis) and HPLC purity data. UltraHealth is the only company that does this.

What are the possible benefits of taking daily resveratrol supplements?

Resveratrol is a polyphenol, a naturally occurring highly powerful antioxidant.

Current clinical research has found that some of the possible benefits of taking daily resveratrol are: lowers blood pressure, reduces joint pain, positively impacts cholesterol, helps manage diabetes, promotes longevity, and may help to prevent Alzheimer’s*.

* Research suggests that the hypothalamus is associated with a variety of bodily functions, including sleep, body temperature, hunger, memory organization, and thirst.  Resveratrol is an exciting new bio compound that could stimulate neuron growth in this vital part of the brain. Helping improve our memory is key to age related cognitive decline.

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