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Why I Stopped Taking NMN?


Dr. N. Patel

University Hospital

May 17, 2024

Back in late 2018 I was reading an article in Time Magazine about “The Fountain of Youth?”

It was a short article sponsored by Chromadex and it talked about how nicotinamide riboside (NR) could create NAD+ for people with advancing age and declining NAD+ levels.

I did more research on this and found that several clinical trials and past biochemistry showed how this happens in a person’s cells. So, I started taking this supplement.

The price for this supplement began to increase and the companies selling it disappeared so I found another organic compound that would also create NAD+, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide).

I decided to take both since I found conflicting studies on additional benefits for both supplements that differed. I did feel the good effects from both B3 analogs.

I was buying my supplements from them at the time.

I sign up for many newsletters from nutritional companies and updates on several studies in my field and was sent test results for many NMN supplement companies selling on Amazon.

It showed that many, 60%+, of these companies’ products contained little or no NMN!

I was a little shocked.

I had assumed that supplements were regulated better by the FDA and companies like Amazon would require substantial information on testing and certification from companies selling on their platform, I was wrong.

What is worse is that I thought I was informed and was not.

My fault, I guess, I should not had put my trust in what I thought were good companies and protective huge company platforms.

Even though the test showed a few companies having the correct amount of NMN in their products it did not tell me what else was in their supplements.

I was a little scared at this point and stopped all together, both NR, NMN and several other nutritional supplement I was buying online.

I tried to find a way to figure out which ones were good, and which were suspicious.

I could not find a good way to do this other than spending a lot of time and money sending out each one for testing.

I contacted several companies that looked legitimate, but most would not supply me with their testing data.

Early in 2020 I contacted UltraHealth and asked for their test reports on their NR supplement.

To my surprise they supplied their third-party purity and certificate of analysis (COA).

They then provided me with their HPLC, GCMS, ongoing stability studies, and even their GMP certification.

I was amazed and happy.

UltraHealth now supplies all this information on their company’s product pages.

I signed up for their newsletter which comes out about twice a year with new products and information on various aspects of the dietary supplement market, very interesting reads.

Lately I received a blog post from them letting me know how to easily find out if ANY supplement is reliable.

I have added this link along with others at the bottom of my letter.

I also enjoyed learning about what is a true liposomal (enteric) supplement and great head-to-head comparison of many other companies selling antiaging supplements, all good information that I did not know.

I am now taking NMN and NR again along with spermidine, glutathione, and resveratrol.

I am relieve to know how to pick my supplements now and can thank UltraHealth for enlightening me about this poorly regulated industry.


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