Luma Nutrition vs. The UltraHealth Store

At some point in life, the curiosity to learn about the individualized definition of lifestyle must have struck the minds of health or fitness enthusiasts. The world of media has somehow inclined the term ‘lifestyle’ towards luxuriousness, riches, and perfection. Whatever is picturized in front of you isn’t always speaking the truth.

For instance, clicking selfies with filtered camera software applications doesn’t smoothen your natural skin texture, which is perfectly fine. Similarly, not all munching prepackaged snacks or drinks labeled as ‘healthy’ or ‘diet-friendly’ are beneficial to you because they might contain hidden refined sugars, excessive salt intake, high content of unhealthy or rancid fats, and over-addition of chemicals and preservatives.

A wholesome lifestyle comprises a set of actions implemented to modify your behavioral and habitual doings to encourage overall positive outcomes for your life. One such approach is the selection of natural foods and daily consumption of a micronutrient supplement after consulting your trusted and experienced healthcare professional.

Introduction to Luma Nutrition

Based in the United States of America, Luma Nutrition is a veteran-owned organization of supplements that are compliant with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility and are approved by third-party testing. Genetically modified organisms are not utilized in the formulation of the products, implying the fact that the supplements are non-GMO.

Jake Langley, the founder of Luma Nutrition, elaborates on his association with fitness. He studied kinesiology in school, which already developed a sense of fitness regime. However, after joining the US Army, he became an Infantry Officer and served the profession for four years. During this entire period, he became able to picture the broken health system of today’s society.

Today’s Patterns of Daily Food Intake

The dietary patterns are nothing but flooded with loads of refined sugars, salt intake, and high unhealthy fats with an absolute absence of physical activity. These habits are the root cause of the increasing global death rate, which is expected to keep rising in the upcoming years. You must be wondering how such behaviors can be a reason for someone’s health. Inappropriate, inadequate, and excess consumption of any food item, particularly foods from convenience stores, prepackaged or frozen items, are full of salt and other preservatives. Overaccumulation of these substances puts a strain on your liver to efficiently detoxify or eliminate them. Fats – in the form of cholesterol, start collecting around the organs present in the abdominal region of your body. The most evident proof becomes prominent in the form of what is commonly seen as a big belly. 

Luma Nutrition vs. The UltraHealth Store

The UltraHealth store provides a wide range of products to improve your overall well-being by mostly targeting metabolic regulations and mental health. Let’s compare a few products of Luma Nutrition and The UltraHealth Store to see which one proves to be the best concerning your health regime.

Resveratrol vs. Resvera-R

Luma Nutrition’s Resveratrol is a US-made dietary supplement certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). It is available in bottled packaging containing 60 capsules – 30 servings per container. It implies the fact that the serving size is two capsules per day, with each capsule containing 600 milligrams, making a daily dose of 1200 mg per day. It is recommended to take it with breakfast or lunch. Do not exceed the dosage of more than four capsules per day.

Luma Nutrition’s Resveratrol is also renowned for its powerful antioxidative properties. It boosts your immunity strength to fight against free radicals causing oxidative damage and inflammation. Moreover, it has a remarkable ability to promote a healthy aging process and supports cognitive function.

Resveratrol antioxidants also regulate and improve your heart health. It is formulated in a way that enhances your cardiovascular health, which ultimately decreases the chances of hypertension.

On the other hand, The UltraHealth Store’s Resvera-R is a combination of resveratrol and nicotinamide riboside (NR), which is a better source of stimulating the synthesis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) along with an additional benefit of a strong antioxidant.

Each liposomal capsule contains 300 milligrams of resveratrol. It is approved and has qualified third-party testing with ongoing studies on stability. The anti-aging and cancer prevention properties target the elimination of root causes, such as inflammation. However, the treatment of remaining root causes is still in your control, that is, improving daily eating habits and including regular exercise in your routine.

Glutathione vs. Liposomal L-Glutathione

Luma Nutrition Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant, with each capsule containing 500 milligrams of glutathione. Similar to Resveratrol, this Glutathione supplement is also approved by the FDA with GMP certification.

Glutathione is meant to decrease oxidative stress that might have occurred in your body over time. It helps to fight against free radicals and toxic substances that are hazardous to your health. You can say that this supplement serves to be a daily dose of detoxifying agent.

On the contrary, The UltraHealth Store offers one of the best power packs of glutathione, named Liposomal L-Glutathione. These are enteric capsules that are enclosed in a lipid polymer sheath. The glutathione content is carefully formulated for everyone. These tablets are made vegetarian and are free of allergenic compounds, such as gluten or lactose. The serving size is one capsule per day, containing 250 milligrams of reduced form of glutathione.

One of the most beneficial aspects that the UltraHealth store provides to you is that you can purchase a bulk of supplements for an entire year. This package provides a 10-month supply, which is a one-time investment and can save you from the monthly expense of buying the supplement over and over again.

Final Thoughts

Most people are not curious about modifying their lifestyles until faced with an urgent medical situation. Therefore, it is important to consult a healthcare professional to get customized meal plans with necessary supplementation. In reality, it is no longer a matter of lengthy theories making piles of books but a state of life and death – only if you realize!