MyacinNR™. RiboGEN™ and immuno-stimulator, anti-aging and cellular energy.


UltraHealth's RiboGEN™ (proprietary / 99.5% nicotinamide riboside) and low-dose rapamycin complement each other and provide excellent NAD+ production and high immunity boosting effects.

At anti-aging doses, rapamycin “eliminates hyperimmunity rather than suppresses immunity” or, more figuratively, it “rejuvenates immunity”. Rapamycin and its analog, everolimus, are FDA approved for human use and have been used safely for decades.

MyacinNR™ is excellent for obtaining and maintaining ideal body weight, healthy insulin sensitivity. It also helps break the viscous circle of insulin resistance, elevated mTOR and accelerated aging.

Rapamycin also inhibits viral replication. As a noteworthy example, rapamycin inhibits replication of the 1918 flu virus (the deadliest flu virus in history) by 100-fold, and also protects against lethal infection with influenza virus when administered during vaccination

Currently, a 10-year government funded project has been proceeding providing 10,000 companion dogs with low-dosage rapamycin to show that it slows aging and increases longevity.

Rapamycin pared with RiboGEN is a proven anti-aging drug

The evidence that rapamycin can function as an anti-aging drug is the product of thousands of scientists working independently all over the world, studying mTOR and its inhibitors for a variety of different reasons in diverse organisms, ranging from yeast to humans.

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